Wild and Nutty Rice

Tom found this recipe in the metro and brought it home. We’ve adapted it to suit our ingredients cupboard, and here it is! We had half for dinner and then half for lunch the next day, which worked really well.

Tom found a mint plant on yellow sticker at Tesco a while back, and it’s been slowly turning into a mint jungle. So we gave it a good pruning for this recipe. When he’s grown back, then we’l have it again! It’s shown me how nice it is to grow things and use them in your own kitchen. When we’ve bought a house, I’ll be sure to have a whole range of herbs on the windowsill in the kitchen. And hopefully a green house outside too. I intend to grow salad veg like Dad used to!


240g Risotto Rice (because we had some that needed using up!

100g chopped walnuts

125g chopped, dried apricots

1 Apple

1/2 Onion

Fresh Mint

2tbsp White Wine Vinegar

3tbsp Olive Oil


Cook the rice first. Lightly fry the walnuts in 1tbsp olive oil until they go all brawn and cripsy. Mix everything in together.


Price: A bit pricey compared to our usual fare. The walnuts, risotto rice and apricots are the expensive ingredients.

Calories per serving: 600



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