Madeira Cake

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This cake appears as the first recipe in the book under the title My Mother-In-Law’s Madeira Cake a fabulous tribute to all the wonderful mother-in-laws out there – long may you defy the stereotype! Nigella describes it as a plain cake that is well worth the effort, and I couldn’t agree more. It looks and tastes like it should take great skill to produce, but really you can whip it together in a jiffy.

Like snickerdoodles, this recipe doesn’t use anything I wouldn’t normally have in except eggs and butter. I did substitute lemon juice for the zest, and that came out fine. A while ago I made lemon cupcakes which had a simple lemon drizzle icing on the top. I think this would go superbly on this cake, and I’ll try it out the next time I make some.


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