Sweet Chilli Salad Dressing

This recipe is one of my own that I adapted from one I found on the internet. It was originally sweet chilli sauce but a quick drizzle of olive oil and ta-daa! You have a rather tasty salad dressing. 


40g Sugar

60ml White Wine Vinegar

Chilli powder to taste

30ml Water

1tbsp Olive Oil as virgin as you like


Heat the vinegar and sugar until the sugar fully dissolves and allow to boil. Add the chilli powder and stir until it is fully dissolved. Don’t let it cool at this point, it will caramelise. (If this happens, just put on the hob again and use boiling water from the kettle instead of the cold water and keep stirring until the hard candy-like substances softens and melts into the water.)

Add the cold water to the mixture, and then leave on the side to cool down to room temperature. When it has cooled add the olive oil and decant to a small pot with a lid. Pass to your husband, and request that he shakes vigourously.

To Serve:

Drizzle lightly over a simple salad. We found it went very nicely with tuna and egg. This batch lasted us for 3 salads. It keeps fine in the fridge for pretty much as long as you like.

 Probably cheap depending on what oil and vinegar you use.

Calories per batch: 290



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2 responses to “Sweet Chilli Salad Dressing

  1. Just to clarify – it is the dressing that your husband is supposed to shake? I wouldn’t like to give mine any misleading instructions….

  2. Yes, he does need to shake the dressing. Whether or not he shakes anything else is purely between the two of you…

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