Easy Almond Cake

This cake definitely qualifies for its title, being both easy and almond-y. I baked it for Mum and so only tasted a couple of slices while were there, but I will be making more in the future.


I did find it a tad heavy for my normal tastes and overall I prefer the Madeira cake. See my write up for that cake here.


The recipe uses marzipan for the almond flavour which also gives it density and a smooshy texture. The other ingredients were all standard larder items so I only had to buy eggs and butter as we’d run out. The only downside is that you have to be very disciplined while cooking, or you will find yourself surprisingly short of marzipan part way through. I would recommend measuring out the required amount, and then putting an extra chunk on the side for nibbling purposes.


Bung everything in a food processor and buzz. Awesome – my kind of recipe! As usual for our slightly crappy gas oven, this took longer to cook than the recipe stated, but I’m starting to get the hang of it now. I baked it exactly to the recipe first and then when I saw it hadn’t cooked through, put the heat right up and gave it another 10 mins. Worked a treat!

This cake does require a ring mould for baking which we didn’t have. I was planning to just make it in a regular cake tin and see what happened, but while I was buying ingredients I came across a ring mould cheap in Tesco and decided to give it a go. It performed wonderfully, and I am keen to try it out on different cakes!


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