Spanish Macaroons

This recipe was the first that I’ve baked that hasn’t been a complete success. They were very tasty, and went down well in the office, but I feel there’s room for improvement.


This is the big downside to this recipe. Almonds are expensive. The recipe calls for 425g ground, and I ended up 2x150g bags of flaked (for home grinding) because they were on offer for £3. I then scaled down the recipe to match, but if I had bought the full amount of ground almonds, it would have cost over £6.


Very easy, and didn’t even required the Kenwood. It’s just mixing, rolling and cooking. I’m not sure how much grinding my own almonds affected this, as there was a certain grittiness to the macaroons, although that wasn’t unpleasant and could be intentional.

My favourite part of making these was mixing in the orange to the almonds. The scent was just heavenly, and I spent a long time just smelling the mixture before moving on.

Macaroons are supposed to be a bit crisp on the outside, and delightfully gooey on the inside. My attempt didn’t quite make the grade on either count. They started off very close, and were definitely best on the evening they were made. By the next day they had started to soften on the outside and loose some of the inner gooey texture. I did put them in the fridge that evening, and it helped a little but not enough.

I will make these again, but it will be after my folks next trip to Spain, and I will (hopefully) have snaffled a very large amount of their home grown almonds for use in cake recipes. I would also make them for same day consumption only, probably if we had a group of people round for dinner. They go very nicely with coffee after a meal.


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