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Tasty Chocolate Biscuits

This is for me the perfect biscuit recipe. Simple, tasty and using ingredients I always have in. It’s also a slightly dangerous recipe, as now I can make biscuits whenever I fancy, rather than having to plan in advance. I’m slightly hoping that when biscuits are craved, the action of making them will raise my mood enough so that I’ll be happy with just one or two rather than scoffing the lot.

Nigella has titled this as Granny Boyds biscuits, but I prefer a more descriptive title. Mmm, chocolate…


This recipe does not require eggs. Which is eggcellent! (sorry, couldn’t resist!). I don’t have eggs in as a staple, only when I’m planning to do something specific or have some left over, so a biscuit recipe which doesn’t use them, is ideal.

The recipe does require butter which I don’t usually have in, but I suspect that margarine will be an acceptable subsitute. The next time I make these and don’t have butter in, I will find out.


Super simple, cream and mix. I made a half batch and the divided into 16 to get a good sized biscuit.

I look forward to having a fan oven again, as the sheet of biscuits didn’t cook evenly. The ones at the back were done while the ones at the front were still slightly too squishy. I did turn the tray when I realised, but as it was more than half way through the cooking time, some ended up slightly overdone and so a bit dry.

The overall result was a tasy and light chocolate biscuit. I will definitely be making these again, and possibly experimenting with other flavours in the future. Any requests?

Calories per serving: 110



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