Branch like a tree!

I’ve had a bit of a break from posting, mostly because I have had a bit of a break from baking! This does not mean that I’ve had a break from learning to be a domestic goddess, just that my hands have been turned to a different set of skills. The somewhat dubious arts of DIY.

It turn out that the biggest difference between moving house when you’re renting and moving house when you’re buying is which property you need to work on. Renters need to tidy up the old place and restore it to the original condition, while a home-owner will concentrate on bring the new place up to scratch. So if like us you have been renting and are moving into a new, it makes for interesting times.

My latest adventures have been with the paint rollers. This my second foray into painting, and so was much quicker, and managed to get myself much less paint splattered. This is a room which had been painted, wallpapered, painted again, papered again and then given a final coat of paint. Stripping all this crap off the walls took a while, so we didn’t  managed to get it done until a couple of weeks ago. Then I gave it a coat of white emulsion to seal in the newly uncovered plater, a rather messy task and my first ever attempt at painting. It took me all day to do the whole room, and I came out of it covered in paint and exceedingly happy!

Things I learned when Tom got home:

  1. The roller sleeve is meant to fit snugly on the roller, it should fall off just because you turn it round.
    • Tom had bought different sized rollers and sleeves and not noticed.
    • Don’t always assume that things are meant to be difficult. Sometimes there’s just been a small human error.
  2. When someone says do one coat it means run the rollers across once. It does not mean continually roll until the wall is as white as the paint.
    • Just because you have a whole tin of paint does not mean you need to use a whole tin of paint.
    • If your plan is to do a base coat next, the wall does not need to be white now.

Fortunately this was the cheap paint…

So yesterday evening’s task was to put on the layer of base coat. This should smooth the slightly wrinkled walls and give us a nice finish on the next layer of colour. This time I had a 2 inch roller and a 2 inch roller sleeve, which sped the process up quite  a lot. I got the 2 larger walls done in one hour, and then left the rest for tonight.


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