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Tiny Rainbow Owls!

From the pattern over here at Ravelry, with more pictures on my project page.


Owloysuis, Owl Capone, Owlene, Owlexandra… and that’s as far as I got

I’ve been making these owls obsessively for a couple of weeks now. It started when I saw the pattern come up on my Facebook feed, and I knew I just had to make them. I have an idea to make them into a present for a friend, but I needed to get it right, so practicing was a perfect excuse to make a set for myself!

I found a cheap selection of wool on Amazon, with a nice variety of colours to get me started. They didn’t send the colours listed, but that worked out in my favour, because some of the ones they sent wrong were better than the options that should have come. I ended up sending back about 4 out of 8 wrong ones, and finished with an almost perfect selection to work with. I bought a random Orange on a whim when I was in the rag market in Birmingham, and then a pale blue-y green from HabbyCraft because the blues I had weren’t quite going to work out as planned. The new blue is a 4-ply, not a double knitting, but it seems to go with the rest fine.

I also made a little brown owl, which looks amazingly cute, and a bright rainbow one for Dave, who couldn’t decide which colour he wanted. I have almost finished for the moment, I’ve just got a brown one for Amyce to make, but I’ve run out of googly eyes, and I’m not expecting the order to arrive until later this week.

The big project I have planned for them I haven’t started yet. This one needs the saftey eyes, as the regular googly ones I’ve been glueing on won’t do. I’ll be starting that soon I think.

All the wool I’ve used is listed on my project page on Ravelry, and I’ve mostly followed the pattern as specified. I’ve used a seperate colour (gold) for beaks and feet, rather than using yellow or orange from those coloured owls. The brown owl I swapped the light and dark shades, which has worked well.

For the rainbow owl I have used the same number of stitches for the rows, but I’ve done 2 rows each for the first 7 colours (red, orange, acid, shamrock, surf, royal, purple) and then finished off in lilac. Ear tufts in red and orange, eyes in acid yellow, beak in shamrock green. The wings took a couple of goes to get right, but I started off in blue, then the first round was 1 stitch surf, 3 blue, 2 surf. The next round was 3 surf, 6 blue, 3 surf – you get the idea. The next wing was the same, but swap blue and surf as then they can be mirror images of each other. I wasn’t sure whether purple or lilac would look better for the feet, so I made one of each and held them up to the owl to see. I liked the combination, so sewed them straight on!

The thing I love most about these owls is that they are all slightly weird looking. The eyes aren’t quite straight, or the beak is wonky. There’s something different about each one, and they look handmade. I know that I made them and that they are not perfect, and I love that!


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